Monday, April 2, 2012

Well Wisher

We had our group show Well Wisher last weekend at House of Bricks in Collingwood.

Thanks to everyone that came along, it seemed everyone was in high spirits. Enjoying themselves through the 35 minute screening and live improv synth/drum machine/sampler jam from Holden Hands, Killer Woof and Delupsicon.

If your wondering when the footage will surface, stay tuned. Some will appear in coming weeks and some will be saved for our next big project, the mega DVD.

Mick at Invurt has done a pretty comprehensive write up of the exhibition over here..

He has also taken a bunch of great photos...

Sound activated projections coded by Danny

Gilboss is sussin'



Jace wood burn

Danny Wild



Not so Zen for TV


Leagues tree bound

Jace Galea


PS Big news from Steady Bumpen in the next few days!

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