Thursday, November 4, 2010

cha bros dvd out now

they have finally arrived.

50 hand numbered limited edition copy's of my skate extravaganza CHA BROS

dual layer dvd aka 240 minutes of skate madness

1 hour feature and over an hour of bonus footage including a few secret bonuses so plenty of bang for your buck.

also includes a zonk vision section with a bunch of zonk short's

$19 including postage.
my paypal account is:

or email me for direct bank deposit details

be sure to email me ( with your address when you put the money through.

action's mini
danny wild & friends
making once apon a time featuring caccas and others
hugh gilbert
198 section
jack crook
nick van bakel

featuring a soundtrack from my friends:

the frowning clouds
the halflings
the heirophants
the argarical garden
the dolly rocker movement