Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Holden Hands Cassette

The Holden Hands Cassette is out now on Moontown Tapes! Go spend ur hourly maccas wage on it homegirls and boys!

The Holden Hands cassette could be heard at some kind of extraterrestrial nightclub in some forgotten hour of the night just as easy as the greatest house party you have ever been to(with 3 people in attendance).

The Holden Hands cassette is synthesizer driven not quite house music. Squlechy basslines bounce freely over blissful chords and 4 to the floor beats.

Music for a journey or doing the dishes alike. The Holden Hands cassette is one for fans of Chicago House, Disco, Sci-Fi and G-Funk

Monday, February 11, 2013

Submerging Artists Tour

Here at ZV we are rolling on a big ball that seems to still be in motion after the submerging tour finished last friday night. All 3 shows were well received and somehow almost completely different. Thanks to our guests Bum Creek, Richard Tuohy, Riley Post, Helani Laisk and Angela Garrick. Thanks to our hosts, the Pjornhaus, CCAS and New Low for being a hugeee help, and of course XOXOXOXTHNXYOUXOXOX to everyone who came along and helped (bigups Willy H). Below is a bunch of photos from all of the events, but to really get a feel of these events visit