Sunday, May 26, 2013

/// ****** No One Special ***** ZINE PACKAGE ****** \\\

Aint it lovely to receive a package in the mail, a real modern novelty.

The kind folks at NO ONE SPECIAL have put together a lovely zine package for a very reasonable price. The package comes with various graff-core, print, photography and collage mutations by various image makers.

Zines included are =

'Read it & Weep #1' (44p colour)
'Dwane BNF' ( 41p b&w)
'Apple Shift 4' by Danny Wild/Ben Jones (16p colour)
'Stoned on a Couch' (34p b&w)
'Noodle Juice' by Jason Galea/Nathan Bransden (18p b&w)
'Peste' (44p b&w)
'Everyday' by Grace Blake (16p colour)

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