Sunday, July 7, 2013

Calico Cat live @ The Bowl

A short clip from Calico Cats set from the Footy LP launch at The Bowl.

Danny encouraged people to pass around his camera and record while he played, the results are quite great!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Future Clean Up

Tomorrow night, Tinning Street Gallery is hosting a very nice looking group show. Future Clean Up features works and collaborations from a number of Melbourne based artists. Zine/Cassette Non-Precious will be launched and the opening night will feature projections from Zonk and live performances from GENTLEMEN, STRE4M and CLAUDE. so Get on down for a great time.

Heres a track from the Cassette.. worth picking up on the night, because i doubt it will appear anywhere on the internet anytime soon.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Right side of the tracks / Calico Cat Tape Launch

Last weekend Zonk was involved in a number great events, including lots of projections (Calico Cat tape launch / Greg Boring LP launch) and also another ZONK group show, RIGHT SIDE OF THE TRACKS. The show was held at Knight St Art Space in Footscray.

The event (Cardboard fortress + Film screening + Live performances) was a whole lot of fun. It was really great to have Brisbane audio visual artists Sarah Byrne and Kat Martin involved. Scroll to the right of this page for a bunch of photos from the evening.

Another event that happened was Calico Cats tape launch. An enjoyable and at times hypnotic event of music performance with zonk projecting through-out the night.

Calico Cat

Soft Power



You can purchase the Calico Cat tape through Moontown Tapes :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

K Wild

Tight little web-clip of Kristian Wild shredding the shredsled. This clip was put together with footage that K has collected whilst filming for the upcoming Steady Bumpen vid!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FLOAT - Timothy Dwyer

Catching files online is something I find myself doing quite regularly. Trolling endlessly to find that one link that isn't broken and the satisfaction within when I finally find it (currently looking for a D/L of this fire). There is something in that difficulty that brings some kind of satisfaction.

Timothy d has just put out some e-bait for you to nibble on. He just published an e-zine. temporarily online at this link ->

Only alive for another 5 days, after that the link will expire and FLOAT will have drifted away from clicks reach forever. Or, maybe, it will be re-uped in 2022 by a troll from russia, who knows?

Beside the point, FLOAT is a lovely online artefact, get your eyes onto it while you can :)

ALSO! Tim has a new website which is looking devine.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

/// ****** No One Special ***** ZINE PACKAGE ****** \\\

Aint it lovely to receive a package in the mail, a real modern novelty.

The kind folks at NO ONE SPECIAL have put together a lovely zine package for a very reasonable price. The package comes with various graff-core, print, photography and collage mutations by various image makers.

Zines included are =

'Read it & Weep #1' (44p colour)
'Dwane BNF' ( 41p b&w)
'Apple Shift 4' by Danny Wild/Ben Jones (16p colour)
'Stoned on a Couch' (34p b&w)
'Noodle Juice' by Jason Galea/Nathan Bransden (18p b&w)
'Peste' (44p b&w)
'Everyday' by Grace Blake (16p colour)

Purchase these goods and other prints over @