Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FLOAT - Timothy Dwyer

Catching files online is something I find myself doing quite regularly. Trolling endlessly to find that one link that isn't broken and the satisfaction within when I finally find it (currently looking for a D/L of this fire). There is something in that difficulty that brings some kind of satisfaction.

Timothy d has just put out some e-bait for you to nibble on. He just published an e-zine. temporarily online at this link ->

Only alive for another 5 days, after that the link will expire and FLOAT will have drifted away from clicks reach forever. Or, maybe, it will be re-uped in 2022 by a troll from russia, who knows?

Beside the point, FLOAT is a lovely online artefact, get your eyes onto it while you can :)

ALSO! Tim has a new website which is looking devine.

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