Sunday, October 17, 2010

cha bro's promo

for the past 5 years i have been filming skateboarding with my sony vx1000 and mk1 setup. if you are a skateboarder you will be familiar with the setup. it is in my opinion skateboardings golden era camera setup. used to film such skateboarding greats as flip sorry and baker2g but the list could go on forever.

i have finally gotten around to uploading all of my tape collection which i have been collecting since i purchased my vx1000 back in 2005. not recording over one of the mini dv tapes i used, losing many but not recording over any. and it has been a nostalgic last few weeks i must say.

a few more weeks later and i have edited the collection into an hour long compilation of spontaneous happenings, immature activities and fun with skateboarding sprinkled on top.

danny wild presents

cha bros

2005 - 2010
164 tapes
vx1000 - mk1

dvd features a shipload of extras including the to hot for youtube guide to geelong.

action's mini
danny wild & friends
making once apon a time featuring caccas and others
hugh gilbert
198 section
jack crook
nick van bakel

limited edition of 50 dvd's

contact for copy's

premiere also to be announced

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